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Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Adaptability Quotient and Ergonomics Training

Service Description

We offer both in-house training and public training. We believe leaders need to get insights on the realities and dynamics in their space, a clear focus on the decisions and moves to make, and leadership mastery to deliver results with others. We want our leadership development to move beyond content and knowledge base delivery towards practical insights and mastery. Therefore our programmes utilize methodologies like coaching, high interactive facilitation masterclasses and practice-fields where participants work on business impact projects in squads to address real business issues. These projects provide an opportunity to create value for the organisation and for real-time application and feedback on their effectiveness in achieving results with others. Training sessions can be either project based (6 months) half-day or full-day, depending on the course. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace, Adaptability Quotient (AQ), the new competitive advantage according to Harvard Business Review and Ergonomic training workshops as per the new Ergonomics Regulations passed in December 2019 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993, all form part of the courses we offer. Contact us for more detailed information on all our training programmes, which also include Fatigue Risk Management, Design Thinking and Problem Solving workshops and training.

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