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Human Factors Consulting

Service Description

If you looking for a seasoned Human Factors and Ergonomics consultant and expert, our founder Dr Bernard van Vuuren is a former Chief Ergonomist of ERGOnomics TECHnologies, a division within the R&D Department of ARMSCOR. His research expertise includes applied anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics and epidemiology. He has presented numerous papers at international symposia, authored and co-authored several publications in various international peer reviewed journals and performed research across several military, sports medicine, ergonomics and human performance domains including human anatomy, physiology, anthropometry, biomechanics and other human factors speciality areas including but not limited to body armour development, blast biomechanics, behind armour blunt trauma, vital organ coverage through low dose x-rays, energy expenditure, lower back work-related injuries, thermoregulation and fatigue risk management.

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